Jungle Paintball

Jungle Paintball

Jungle Paintball

Motion Hive Strategy

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Jungle Paintball Teaser Video

Jungle Warfare - Death March Paintball - 5/25/2013


Your animal heroes need a leader to help them reclaim back their land. Their extraordinary abilities, the destructive paint guns, and your guidance will form a strong bond that will be crucial to win battles against those mean defenses in this amazingly entertaining strategy paintball game. Form tribes with your friends and enjoy the addictive 2v2 real-time multiplayer battles. Unleash the animal within you!

● Superb 3D graphics. Very colorful paint game!
● Make your animals feel at home by building and customizing your very own mini jungle.
● Train, level up your hero, animals, paint weapons, items and defenses.
● Mix and match different attacking strategies with various troops, weapons and items.
● Stash defenses and add others to create the most effective defensive system.
● Form alliances with your friends and chat to them in your beloved tribe.
● Enjoy 2v2 real-time multiplayer battles against other tribes.
● Compete in leagues and tournaments to win REAL prizes!

General improvements and bug fixes